We build on proven, industry-standard processes. But we also adapt and customize, so that the same output remains relevant and actionable.


We start a project by learning and listening, collecting comprehensive details about the client, its audience, market, and competition and define project objectives.

Key points:
  • User needs analysis and development of value proposition
  • Target audience, market, competition
  • Development of technical scope and sitemap

During this stage, we begin the process of developing the site's look and feel, the flow of content throughout the site, the logical organization of the site's information, and its functionality. These concepts are presented to you for your evaluation and approval.

Key points:
  • Graphic user interface design (GUI) - Establishing user scenarios
  • Color schemes and navigation
  • Information architecture
  • Prototype delivered

During this phase design is integrated with the solution's technical backend. We assemble design, content, navigation, and programming and make sure your website's usability is optimized for all Internet Users.

Key points:
  • Client-side and server side coding
  • Integration of content, design and functionality
  • Rigorous de-bugging and testing
  • Prototype website is launched in test mode
Deployment and Post Production

Upon approval of your final design, and once the extensive quality assurance checks have been satisfactorily completed, we will launch the project. Online promotion and optimization takes place after the site has been placed on the web server

Key points:
  • Launch and launch supervision
  • Keyword search optimization
  • Search engine submission
  • Technical and usage post-launch performance assessment
  • Website statistics
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