When producing your marketing collaterals, it is vital to focus on the benefits of your product or service and not just list specifications and features. You need to be very clear about your focus, so before you start putting together your marketing materials, think long and hard about what you want it to do for you.

Have your marketing collaterals professionally produced by CJ Partners.

At CJ Partners, we have an understanding of and access to a range of technical expertise and a successful history of sales and marketing campaigns. This enables us to efficiently and effectively translate your selling argument from your product experts, making it relevant and attractive to the appropriate customer group.

Detail and text are as important as the overall visual image that it projects. CJ Partners creates and improves your marketing collaterals in a way that presents your company image very clearly and professionally. We make sure your marketing pieces draw your customers to your message, because it is clear and genuine… And because it is designed by CJ Partners!

We can create the following marketing collaterals for you:
• Brochures and data sheets
• Posters
• Newsletters
• Direct mail pieces
• Folders
• other communication pieces

Contact us now for more information about marketing collaterals. If you are serious about your marketing success, we can get you there.


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